Experience Žminj

Žminj Tower

In the 15th century the city walls were repaired and the three round towers were built at the entrance of the city, while the rectangular tower on the north-western corner of the citadel existed even before. The towers were built under the influence of round towers with a steep slope on the lower part, which reminds of the towers that the Venetians built in the 15th century while establishing castles and city walls in Istria and Dalmatia.

The south-western and north-western towers were demolished after there were no longer war fears. This happened in the second decade of the 18th century, when the parish church was expanding to the west (1713) and the construction of its baroque façade (1717) was taking place. The north-eastern tower was demolished in 1943 when Žminj was bombarded during World War II. Today, only one tower has been preserved along with the south wing of the old citadel, which is incorporated into the parish church. The remaining tower has been enriched by a balcony immediately after the war dangers (probably after the Uskok war in 1618).

Nowadays various exhibitions are held in the tower: exhibition of handmade nativity scene displays, Tower’s little market and exhibitions regarding Žminj’s biggest folk festival “Bartulja”.