Experience Žminj


Older inhabitants from Žminj call it „Krvarija“. It's located on the western part of Žminj, close to main road connecting Pazin and Pula. It was built out of rock in 1728 and consists of three crosses bounded by a wall and extra secured with an iron door.

Besides the central cross with the body of Christ, there are the statues of Mary - mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene there.
Every April 25th (the holiday of St Marco, the Evangelist) a procession took place until the middle of last century. The procession went from the parish church to the Calvary (Kalvarija) where the parson, who was leading the procession, gave blessings for a fruitful year. After the end of the procession, the people would return through the side road to the parish church and wait for the ceremony to be completed.