Tomato day

This gastronomic event is dedicated to favourite seasonal summer vegetable, it is unique in Croatia and it offers you a chance to taste the tomato in various combinations.

At the main square in Umag, along the entertaining programmes, you can also taste the dishes based on this vegetable, the real source of health and vitality. It is mostly šalša, the popular tomato sauce, with various types of pasta, which is the constituent part of every Mediterranean summer menu.

Apart from enjoying the food, the visitors also have a chance to take a look at various types of tomatoes and to learn more about them. It would not be a real feast if there was no beauty pageant! During the Tomato Days, the people of Umag organise the best tomato type competition as well as the greatest miss tomato!

About the event:

Gastronomic event


  • Trg slobode / Umag-Umago


  • 17.07.24


  • 20:00


  • TZ Umag