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  • Waterfront / Fažana-Fasana


  • 24.05.20



About the event:

Works of Antonio Smareglia reimagined in a contemporary way

As Paul Kupelwieser in 1893 turned Brijuni into a fashionable seaside and health resort for the elite the transformation of Fažana from a small, poor fishing village to an economic center and favorite tourist destination was considerably fast. Newspapers of that time pointed out that the distinguished people were attracted to Fažana’s waterfront with one of them being the famous composer Antonio Smareglia. He spent his vacation in Villa “Oceana” which once stood between Fažana harbor and pine wood Pineta, with a lovely view of the sea. It was there where he was inspired to to compose the opera “Oceana”.

This year’s Stories from Fažana’s waterfront take us back to the time when Brijuni and Fažana were the meeting point of European and world élite, and celebrate the life and work of one of our most noted composers - Antonio Smareglia.