Bela nedelja - White Sunday

The ancient town of Plomin has proudly overlooked Plomin Bay for centuries as testimony to the people who have created its culture and life as we know it today.
On the feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, the Plomin Parish celebrates its patron saint, together with White Sunday. Traditionally every year people come from all areas to renew old friendships and to take a break from their hectic lives, to enjoy programs filled with songs and a number of sporting events.

White Sunday is a traditional religious and folk festival, which has meant a lot to the people of Plomin since ancient times, and is celebrated on the first Sunday in October. The day of festivities begins with a Mass in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whilst during the day entertainment and sporting events alternate between themselves. It used to mark Plomin’s big fair day, when the town was visited by people from Rijeka and from Trieste too, presenting and selling their own products.
Although the fair tradition has been lost, White Sunday has continued to maintain its importance for local inhabitants and everyone with Plomin in their hearts.