Rhapsody in Blue

Picturesque Fažana's waterfront assumes a special, magical appearance during the traditional Rhapsody in Blue festival, an event dedicated to the blueness of the sea. The exhibition on the waterfront, bestows an artistic atmosphere on the entire evening and is accompanied by a variety of entertaining programmes for all ages.

Young artists can set up their mobile installations on the sea and on batanas (flat-bottomed boats) and are in charge of their "mobile art" with the additional dynamics of colour and movement being achieved from light show projections. Illuminated predominantly in blue, the batanas moored in the harbour also become part of the works of art of imaginative artists, decorated with installations mostly made of useful materials, whilst the sea becomes an interesting gallery for this special visual experience.

A cocktail party with a crazy cocktail show will take place on the waterfront, led by the skilled hands of some of Croatia’s finest barmen. Enveloped by the intoxicating fragrance of blue fish, during the evening gourmet visitors will be able to taste culinary delights of sardines, one of the symbols of Fažana, and listen to the rhythms of pop, blues, rock and roll, evergreen and country music.

Children will enjoy the blue magic with magic tricks, a balloon party and face painting, and maybe will discover a magical secret along the way.