Pramaliće (Spring)


  • Basilica of St. Mary of the Sea / Vrsar-Orsera


  • 18.04.20


  • 19.30


About the event:

Musical Encounters

"Oh, how beautiful is the spring in the Istrian valley ..." (Mate Balota)

The 11th musical encounters "Pramaliće" will be held on Saturday, 13.04. at 19 at the Church of Saint Mary of the Sea in Vrsar. "Pramaliće" celebrates the arrival of spring, joy and brotherhood and the opening of the summer season in Vrsar.

This year the choir Mendule "Pramaliće" invited: the folklore group of the elementary school V. Nazor from Vrsar, KUD Mate Balota from Rakalj, the Italian community Vrsar choir La Contrada, the female choir Harmonia from Csurgo - Hungary.