St. Lawrence Night


  • Town centre / Rovinj-Rovigno


  • 10.08.19



About the event:

Saint Lawrence night is an event which accentuates the romantic spirit of Rovinj. It is characterised by numerous concerts of romantic music on different stages around the town. The town’s street lights are turned off for this occasion and the town is illuminated with torches. The members of the dance club announce the event by dancing through the town.

1. Trg brodogradilišta 21:00 Duo Kristian and Tasha     Duo Eleonora & Luka
2. Obala A. Rismonda 21:00 Duo Eligio and Boris     Duo Stand by 3. M. Tito square 21:00 Klapa Contra     Le Monde acoustic 4. Riviera square 21:00 Franko Krajcar and group Indivia     Acoustic Fever 5. Plateau of the st. Francis church 21:30 Opera b.b. "Evening of Spiritual and Pop Music" (Mixed choir Roženice Pazin & Ronald Braus; Conductor: Ines Kovačić Drndić; Piano: Darijan Ivezić
6. Plateau of the st. Euphemia church 22:00 Duo Davor and Gracijan Terzić 7. Sveti Križ street 21:00 SAC-KUD Marco Garbin 8. MMC, Carera street, town waterfront, Monte 21:00 Dance group Roxanne


Gastronomical offer: Tastes of our fields Association Agrorovinj

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