Poreč Open Air Festival - 3D Video Mapping


  • City Hall / Poreč-Parenzo


  • 12.07.19


  • 21:30|23:00



About the event:

Our festival is called "the Festival of Life" for a reason because the City Hall comes alive on Fridays when it joins the hustle and bustle in the town and moves to the beat of the music echoing through Poreč.

After giving Poreč a makeover with last year's Wall Lighting show, this year we are taking things a step further by engaging lights and colours in an interplay that will awaken and put a new sheen on the City Hall, which is more than a hundred years old. 

This visual spectacle will be achieved with 3D Mapping, a novel method that combines architecture, design and AV technology, easily transforming any surface into a dynamic video wall. 

Join us on Friday at 21:00h in front of the City Hall and embark on an adventure that will make you wonder whether your eyes are playing tricks on you.