Sea on the Table

Fisherman's festival, courses of the Small fishing academy "Pilchard": the underwater world of Fažana shallows, presentation of fishing equipment, Fažana's traditional fishing boats gastronomy offer: grilled pilchard, marinated, savory, salted, pilchard pâté, pilchard risotto ...

The symbol of Fažana, pilchard... offers a chance for new encounters at the waterfront, in the small squares, restaurants, taverns. In addition to pilchard there are other fish that will enrich the seafood offer on the table, through tradition and new recipes for preparing a variety of dishes. Tasting fish in Fažana is the perfect opportunity for new encounters and ideas.

Gastronomy offer - pilchard dishes
Courses of the Small fishing academy „Sardella“
Tasting and sales of typical Istrian products
Entertainment program