Eco-Action cleaning the seabed

The Rovinj Club for Underwater Activities is organizing an eco-action of cleaning the seabed. The purpose of this laudable action is to keep the sea clean but also to raise the citizens' awareness of the importance of environmental conservation.

In addition to CUA Rovinj-Rovigno, IRENA - Istrian Regional Energy Agency in cooperation with the Center for Marine Research Ruđer Bošković (CIM) organizes the Clean Adriatic Sea for future generations within the strategic project MARLESS - MARine Litter cross-border awarenESS and innovation actions, which is financed through the Italy-Croatia Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020.

09:00 - Start of the program - opening of the program and presentation of activities
09:30 - Arrival of divers - talk with divers and organizers
10:00 - Start of ECO ACTION (Diver's entry into the sea)
10:15 - Presentation of video material on coast and submarine cleaning actions on the LED screen
10:30 - FARO 11 Rovinj: Presentation of the booklet biodiversity in the sea
11:00 - Educational cartoon
11:15 - Performance of the children's play "The Master of Waste" (Birikina Association)
11:45 - Presentation of the exhibition of children's works of eco schools
12:00 - Interview with CIM representatives at Small pier during waste sorting
12:15 - Educational cartoon
12:30 - Interactive quiz shown on LED screen (FARO 11 Rovinj)
12:40 - Closing discussion with the organizers and other participants
13:00 - End of the program


  • South harbor / Porton Biondi beach / Rovinj-Rovigno


  • 04.06.22