The 1st International theatre festival was inaugurated on May 1, 1995, and in 1996 it gained its definite name – International theatre festival PUF (Pula ‘s alternative festival).

The essence of PUF has been determined by Branko Sušac, the festival’s art director: “PUF is a festival of theatre differences and openness within a sincere theatre experience. It attracts different poetics, seeks new theatre directions and rallies artists and spectators round the idea of theatre. PUF establishes and stimulates dialogue and it gives a chance to polemics. PUF functions as a communication channel, it shows the world from a new angle: not monologue and passive communication, but dialogue, frankness, identification and participation. PUF wants to cross the boundary between life and theatre. It wants to enhance the inner reality of every participant in this project, which we could name theatre as well as life.”

At the first PUF, held in 1995, performed just one theatre-company from abroad, while on its second edition it presented six foreign plays, which became a standard.

To date, the list of countries whose plays were shown during the PUF festival has increased significantly: Belgium, Germany, Norway, Italy, The Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Sweden, Czech Republic, Denmark, USA, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Macedonia, Japan.

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