Istrian winter running league

Sport that benefits health in many ways and the sun that peeks shyly during the winter days invite you to stay surrounded by nature. The Istrian Winter League opens the running season for all those who are impatiently waiting for the start of new races, lasting from November to February.

19th season
Eight circuits are run in different places around Istria, and the track varies in length from between 6 and 9 kilometres. The entry fee for all circuits of the 2023/24 season is HRK 150/EUR 25, with which participants will receive a league t-shirt, regardless of the number of circuits completed. The entry fee for each individual race is HRK 75/EUR 10.

Istrian Winter Running League 2023/24
1. kolo: 12.11.2023. - Medulin
2. kolo: 19.11.2023. - Sv. Petar u Šumi
3. kolo: 03.12.2023. - Pazin
4. kolo: 17.12.2023. - Sečovlje (SLO)
5. kolo: 14.01.2024. - Krnica
6. kolo: 21.01.2024. - Rabac
7. kolo: 04.02.2024. - Tupljak
8. kolo: 25.02.2024. - Poreč