Wild plants festival

In the spring period, when nature becomes a magical garden where we can pick up food as well as medicines, the village of Kršan will become the centre of the floral world as well as the host to the Wild plant Festival.

Through interesting lectures and workshops, visitors will have the chance of learning the purpose and the way to use wild plants in cooking as well as in phytotherapy. Various educational and professional programs will give you new knowledge about the culinary use of comestible wild plants, their nutritive value and medicinal characteristics. During the two days, visitors and exhibitors can improve the knowledge they already have through lectures given by recognised experts. Herbalists will be able to learn more about the way and time of picking herbs, their proper drying, preparation of cosmetic products, use of herbs in preparing drinks, growing medicinal herbs and the like. Numerous herbalists will learn how to distinguish and find medicinal herbs during short trips to one of the meadows near Kršan. Visitors will be offered a rich menu with very interesting and delicious dishes from wild plants prepared by top chefs. The Wild Plants Festival also features an accompanying entertainment programme, with the participation of groups from Istria in the area of the Pristav sports and recreation centre.