On the paths of Rovinj delicacies

Their tables offer fish and meat menus at promotional prices. The emphasis has been put on indigenous ingredients and the careful preparation of dishes paired with wines produced by local winemakers.

1. Restaurant DREAM, J. Rakovca 18, t. 052 830613 / 0915799239

Meat Menu: Beefsteak carpaccio, arugula, Grana Padano / Chicken saltimbocca, side dish / Truffle ice cream / Merlot Medea 0.1 l

Fish Menu: Marinated sardines / Grilled gilt-head sea bream, side dish / Chocolate tart / Malvazija Medea 0.1 l

2. Restaurant BRANCIN DA NINO, Trg G. Pignaton 8, t. 052 811530 / 0912811530

Meat Menu: Autumn on a plate / Pork loin ombolo in porcini mushroom sauce with potato dumplings Plum dessert / A glass of Panjoka wine

Fish Menu: Charcuterie board / Octopus and shrimp brudet with polenta / Plum dessert / A glass of Panjoka wine

3. Tavern KANTINON, Obala A. Rismonda 18, t. 052 816075

Meat Menu: Dry Istrian sausages / Gnocchi with Istrian boškarin beef / Pastry fritters fritule

Fish Menu: Marinated sardines / Octopus brudet with polenta / Pastry fritters fritule

4. MARINA, Obala A. Rismonda 2, t. 0911811063

Meat Menu: Istrian minestrone with beans and pancetta / Homemade gnocchi in beef sauce / Pastry fritters fritule / A glass of Merlot

Fish Menu: Sea rhapsody (anchovies + octopus) / Polenta with cuttlefish in Malvasia sauce / Pastry fritters fritule / A glass of Istrian Malvasia

5. Tavern ŠTORIJA, Matije Vlačića Ilirika 11, t. 052 821120 / 0912050064

Meat Menu: Istrian minestrone Cheese, prosciutto and pancetta stuffed turkey steak / Side dish: rustic potatoes / Homemade cake / Red wine Legović 0.2 l

Fish Menu: Marinated sardines / Homemade pljukanci pasta in sauce with seafood / Homemade cake / White wine Ravalico 0.2 l

6. RANCH FORTUNA Steak House, Rato di Ren 3, t. 052 208644

Macedonian Menu: Fresh cheese stuffed and grilled bell pepper / Baked beans with a hamburger steak / Baklava / A glass of Merlot Vivoda

Istrian Menu: Grilled sheep cheese with truffle sauce / Homemade gnocchi with Istrian boškarin beef / Gluten-free fruit cake / A glass of Merlot Vivoda

7. Restaurant SANTA ROMA, J. Rakovca 42, t. 052 350181 / 0911555000

Meat Menu: Istrian salad / Grilled cutlets with mushrooms / Panna cotta / A glass of red wine Merlot Vivoda

Fish Menu: Anchovies with onion / Black calamari risotto / Tiramisu / A glass of white wine Malvasia Vivoda    


The listed delicacies will be available at the promotional price of EUR 20,00 per menu. Reservations are required.

About the event:

Follow the paths of Rovinj delicacies on which you will be able to taste the eno-gastro specialties of Rovinj and Istria at famous Rovinj restaurants!


  • Rovinj restaurants / Rovinj-Rovigno


  • 01.10. - 15.10.23


  • Turistička zajednica grada Rovinja-Rovigno / Udruženje obrtnika Rovinj / Maistra