Dajla lives

The residents of Dajla, gathered in the citizens' initiative "Dajla živi / Dajla Lives" and the association "Za stare i mlade / For the Old and Young," invite you to come and support an event that aims to highlight the value of the former Benedictine monastery i.e., the country villa with a park fallen into decay. This palace from the second half of the 19th century is one of the most valuable cultural monuments in the Novigrad area and one of the few neoclassical buildings on the Croatian coast.

To highlight the need for its restoration or repurposing and showcase its beauty, the hosts have prepared a rich program for Dajla residents and Novigrad visitors. From 4 pm, exhibitions, lectures, workshops for children and a fair of local products will take place, accompanied by entertainment and food & wine offerings.

The funds raised at the event will be invested in the renovation of a small park in the front yard of the monastery, with a stunning view of the sea.