In mid-September, the Lapidarium Museum in Novigrad becomes the epicenter of creativity and inspiration as it hosts the 14th International Festival of Arts "Arteria". The theme of this edition of the festival is "Unplugged" and it brings a fresh perspective to the historic atmosphere of the old town, fostering dialogue and creating a bridge between diverse artistic perspectives and cultural heritage. Everyone is invited to witness this creative spectacle that will enrich and rejuvenate the spirit of Novigrad.

The foundation of the new festival concept is based on international and multidisciplinary collaboration, focusing on classical artistic disciplines such as painting, drawing, installations, and sculptures, as well as performance and literary expressions. The festival encourages artists to come together during one-week residencies, where they work and create in Novigrad. The interaction with the new environment, light, and local community culminates in an exhibition presented on the last day of the residency. It's important to note that each artist donates one of their works to the museum's collection.

The theme "Old Town / New Community" reflects the essence of this event, and we invite you to recognize it in every piece that will be showcased. This is an opportunity to experience the international artistic atmosphere and observe the creative processes. The Lapidarium Museum transforms into an open studio, a space where art comes to life and flourishes.



15.09. Museum Lapidarium: Ivo Ringe, Köln (D)
16.09. Gallery Rigo: One woman. One Stone. by Heather Sheehan (SAD/D)
22.09. Museum Lapidarium: postav s radovima nastalih tijekom rezidencije/ display of the works made during the residency


17.09. Artist’s supper by Tomislav Brajnović & Dimitrije Brečević
18.09. Sculpturing food by Bojana Križanec
18.09. – 20.09. Walking the dog by Josip Pino Ivančić
19.09. – 22.09. Do it by Marlon Red

Workshop, museum's park:

18.09. Udruga Forma

Evening Artist talk, museum's park

19.09. - 21.09.
Petar Tomaž Dobrila & P L A T E AU R E S I D U E (Aljaž Celarc and Eva Pavlič) Their work deals with landscape ecology, and seeks new ways of raising public awareness.
Ivo Ringe & Heather Sheehan: Walking Through Novigrad

Participants: Wolfgang Berndt (DE), Amelia Bowles (GB) Robin Davourie (F), Michael Jaeger (DE), Antoine Langénieux-Villard (B), Marlon Red (RO), Shawn Stipling (GB) i Beat Zoderer (CH), Ivo Ringe (D), Heather Sheehan (USA), Bojana Križanec (SLO), PlateauResidue (SLO), Mladen Stokar (SLO), te iz Hrvatske/and from Croatia Tomislav Brajnović, Josip Pino Ivančić, Đanino Božić, Zoe Miloš, Josipa Škrapić/Udruga Forma Pazin.