American Music Abroad

An organization of American academic musicians that has been delighting audiences around the world for 40 years. On their tours, they visited the biggest cities in Europe, performed in the most famous concert halls in the world. As a thank you to the host, they will hold free concerts.
They are music students from dozens of music schools from the states of the USA, and they are organized into several ensembles. In the 90-minute concert program, the symphony ensemble will perform works by both classical authors and works from the stages of the famous Broadway. In addition, the repertoire includes works by American folk authors and, of course, contemporary American authors of classical music.
The organization has traveled the whole world performing, especially Europe, and critics have always praised their performances as inspired performances, pure sound, full of commitment to technical and expressive precision of musicianship. Obviously gifted, full of enthusiasm for the music they create and perform, the members of American Music Abroad and the organizer Adriatic Destination Management Company invite you to join them in a musical adventure.

Free concert.

About the event:

Stars & Stripes tour


  • Riviera square / Rovinj-Rovigno


  • 19.06.24


  • 21:00


  • Adriatic DMC d.o.o.