Regata PROSSECO DOC MAXI ON Cooking Star 2024

One of the most prominent Mediterranean regattas for maxi cruisers, PROSSECO DOC MAXI ON Cooking Star 2024, is starting again in Istria this year. After last year's edition, this year's edition of this elite sailing competition will open again in Rovinj - one of the most prominent tourist towns on the Adriatic and host to one of the most luxurious and technologically advanced marinas in the Mediterranean, ACI Marina Rovinj.

This regatta is part of the joint efforts of the company ACI d.d., international brands, the Uljanik Sailing Club from Pula and the Maestral Sailing Club from Rovinj, to further promote and establish Croatia on the world sailing map. On this occasion, the PROSSECO DOC MAXI ON Cooking Star 2024 regatta will host a fleet of impressive maxi cruisers, the largest sailboats up to almost twenty-seven meters in length, with more than twenty members of mostly professional crews from all over the world.



  • ACI Marina Rovinj / Rovinj-Rovigno


  • 20.04. - 21.04.24


  • 10:00