FAKS Dance

After the successfully held spring part of the FAKS festival, which gathered more than 600 singers in 22 choirs in two volumes of FAKS Sings, the autumn part is dedicated to traditional music and dance. Continuation of this year's FAKS festival - Festival of amateur cultural creativity through the international festival of folklore and traditional dances FAKS Dance will offer the Rovinj audience an Istrian dance workshop - balun and two revue concerts on the main M. Tito Square.

FAKS - The Festival of Amateur Cultural Creativity is an international manifestation of a cultural, educational and entertaining character that unites choir and folklore festivals. It was created with the tendency to encourage lifelong learning and love for amateur creativity and increase the quality of life of amateur artists. The FAKS festival was once again recognized and included by the European Association of Festivals in the list of Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe (EFFE) and its official guide to European festivals for 2022/2023. It is a platform of international festivals that connects those festivals that are extremely committed to art, the community in which they operate and European values, and at the same time invites and informs the audience about the holding of these festivals throughout Europe.

Entrance to all events and concerts of the festival is free.