Lighted Batana boat parade and a dinner at the Spacio

Spacio, or in the Rovinj language spàcio, is a local version of a tavern or wine cellar and represents another special feature of Rovinj-Rovigno that shapes the identity of this town and its people. It is a place where the people of Rovinj kept, tasted and resold wine in their houses, but also a place for socializing, eating, playing briškola and trešeta card games, singing and having fun. One such originally preserved spàcio, in Švalba Street no. 35, has become an integral part of the Eco-museum, and music, culinary and other entertainment events are organized on its premises by the members of the Association.

The noblest fruits of the land and the sea are paired here: wine made of the local grape varieties of Malvasia and Teran, homemade olive oil, and fish and seafood, fresh catches of local fishermen. It’s hard to describe the experience of an evening at the spàcio, but since we already have to try, we would say it resembles a well-prepared brudet, a local fish stew. The flavors and aromas of batana cuisine are specially flavored with the smiles and hospitality of our members who do everything to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. When the performance of bitinàdas is added to that, interpreted by excellent bitinadùra singers from Marco Garbin Art and Culture Society of the Italian Community of Rovinj-Rovigno, or other Rovinj folk instrumental ensembles, a visit to Spacio Matika becomes a unique experience, more precisely, it becomes an unforgettable initiation into the world of Rovinj maritime culture.

Riding a two-oared batana is a unique experience of the town for all its visitors! This magical experience usually starts at the Small Pier, continues around the peninsula of the old town and all the way to Spacio Matika where the culinary and music program of the Eco-museum resumes. Your hosts are Rovinj owners of batanas and members of the Association, barkajoli who always turn on their special Rovinj charm and are glad to make this experience of Rovinj "from a batana’s perspective" unforgettable!