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Castle of Pietrapelosa

«The overgrown Town» is history full of legends and oral traditions. The castle served for the surveillance of the valley of the River Mirna and the central Istria for the Aquileian patriarchs in the Middle Ages and for the Venetians in the 15th century.

Petrapilosa Castle lies 6 km west of Buzet, close to the road along the Mirna river in the direction of Livade or Motovun. This medieval castle is situated on a high cliff that dominates the entire area of the Bračana river. For centuries it held an excellent military and defensive position from which all movements through the field or along the road could be controlled.

The fortification Ruin was first mentioned in written documents as early as the 10th century. Mass was celebrated for the last time in the castle chapel of St. Mary Magdalene in 1793, even though the entire complex had been abandoned long before. After the restoration work began in the chapel in 1999, numerous remains of medieval frescoes have been found. Today they are displayed in the Regional Museum in Buzet.



Grimani-Morosini Castle


Stone Collection of the Lapidarium Museum


House of frescos

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Villa / Cloister in Dajla