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Kuća kaštela - House of Castles

On the gentle slopes of north-western Istria emerges Momjan, a small village with a developed gastronomy and excellent wines, among which the Momjanski muškat - Moscato di Momiano (Momjan Muscat) wine particularly stands out, one of 18 Croatian wines with a certificate of authenticity awarded by the European Union. However, in addition to being an outstanding wine and gourmet destination, Momjan can boast of a rich and turbulent past, which is proudly witnessed by its castle.

House of Castles
With the desire to present its fascinating heritage as best as possible, the House of Castles (Kuća kaštela) was opened. It is an interpretation and visitor centre conceived as an attractive architectural marker of a building of traditional architecture, the former old post office and dairy in the centre of Momjan. The interior design reinterprets the tower of the castle and the palace, while preserving and presenting traditional elements, and is intended for an innovative multilingual multimedia interpretation of the Cultural Route of Istrian castles, especially those in northern and central Istria.

House of Castles is divided in several units:
• The ground floor consists of three zones: an info point that includes a presentation area for local and national products and souvenirs, then an area intended for multimedia presentation and two toilets, one of which is suitable for people with sensory impairments.
• The staircase is equipped with interactive multimedia, including an area at the foot intended for interpretation for people with sensory impairments, while at the top of the staircase there is a timeline of events related to castles, from the medieval period to the present day.
• The first floor hosts artistic, scientific and research visits and the work of experts from different fields.
• The second floor is designed as an exhibition space and multifunctional hall for events, presentations or creative tourist education.

House of CastlesVisitors to the House of Castles have the opportunity to explore as many as seven multimedia presentation units. Immediately at the entrance, you will find a plaque with a historical description of the complex, so you can find out what the building was used for before today's conversion.

The main multimedia exhibition is represented, of course, by Istrian castles, which is located in the main area of the ground floor, and consists of videos and presentations in virtual reality (VR) of selected castles with three-dimensional reconstructions (3D) of the corresponding old town cores and natural heritage, as well as of winemakers and the gastronomic offer.

In addition to Momjan castle, you can also find out the history of the castles in Završje and Grožnjan, Pazin, Paz and Possert, Pietrapelosa near Buzet, Morosini-Grimani in Svetvinčenat, Dvigrad near Kanfanar and those in Žminj and Kršan at the House of Castles. 

A walk through these charming castles is possible thanks to an improvised tunnel under the stairs on the ground floor, where you will be shown the real state of all the castles with a 3D reconstruction and the accompaniment of specific sounds or music of that time.

House of Castles

At the foot of the stairs is a Virtual Castle, which you enter with VR glasses and through a 360° video panorama you can turn around and experience the entire sphere of space, as if you were truly on location.

All the contents of the House of Castles are available in five languages: Croatian, English, German, Italian and Slovenian, and in the main area on the ground floor, there are descriptions in Braille for visitors with sensory impairments.

Visitor interpretation centre
Kuća kaštela- House of Castles
Trg sv. Martina, Momjan-Momiano

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