Istrian cuisine

Istrian prosciutto

In the tradition of the Istrian gastronomy the prosciutto (pršut) is the top and the measure for all the exquisiteness. It is cut by long, delicate and careful incisions, so a joke says - like playing a violin. Fete or cuts of prosciutto are first smaller, to become ever bigger, the colour turns ever redder, the smell is more and more intense. There is a usage in Istria: as much longer and bigger cut, and not too thin is a must.

Istrian prosciutto is highly regarded by gourmands worldwide due in large part to our strict adherence to a long tradition of respectful production - from the careful way pigs are raised, to the elaborate treatment of the meat, to its curing with a unique blend of spices that give the ham its distinctive fragrance. Since Istrian prosciutto is produced without nitrites, nitrates or smoke, it is considered one of the most healthful cured meats in all of the Mediterranean.