Astronomical Education Park

The night sky that spreads above us is full of secrets that are just waiting to be discovered, and the new astronomical park in the centre of the Istria, next to Žminj, will help you explore it.
Located on a double crossroads in the locality of Križine, near the village of Vidulini, the park is situated in an excellent position so that all those who are just curious, and perhaps even a few future scientists or astronauts, can stop here and learn something.

A unique stone installation contributes to the park’s visual attractiveness, but its role is primarily educational as four massive stones mark the four sides of the world.
Visitors to the excursion site can learn how to use the gnomon or sundial here. It is set in the centre of a circle made up of a stone installation and, besides being a ‘sign’ for time, it also serves as a sign for the distances to the world’s largest capitals and of course - the one to the Moon.

There is also a micro arboretum in the educational park with local herbs, which are each clearly labelled with their names for easy recognition and learning.
Visitors to the park can take advantage of the benches for a spot of relaxation, whilst devoting themselves to thinking about the infinity of the universe.
The Vidulini Park is located on the rural intersection of roads to Žminj - Sveti Petar - Kanfanar and Limska Draga, which is very popular among cycling enthusiasts, as well as all other nature and rural Istria lovers.

Tourist Board Žminj
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