Natural attractions

Cape Kamenjak and the Medulin Islands

The unusually indented southernmost cape of the Peninsula is equally interesting viewed from land, air or sea.

It is one of the last oases of the coastal region that has preserved its original appearance - a mosaic of cultivated fields, pastures and green groves immersed in the deep blue sea. Resembling at first glance scorched land of the southernmost tip of Istria, Cape Kamenjak conceals great secrets of nature.

Lovely coves and beaches, as well as crystal-clear sea make this area a particularly attractive destination. Although camping is not allowed in this area, there are various other opportunities for visitors to enjoy the beauties of Kamenjak. One of the marked Istrian bike tracks passes here, and since it is not demanding, everyone can enjoy the easy ride and magnificent views. Or one can also spend the entire day walking and discovering the beauties of Kamenjak.

This protruding peninsula offers numerous possibilities for summer sports. Due to the extremely strong sea currents that meet here, diving is allowed only for professionals, but always accompanied by experienced and certified divers. Favourable winds offer great possibilities for windsurfing, however one should be careful and first check the weather forecast, because sudden changes of weather conditions, wind and sea currents on the southernmost tip of Istria are nothing unusual at any time of the year.

Javna ustanova Kamenjak
Selo 120, HR-52100 Premantura
T. +385 52 575 283

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