Green Istria

Top 5 Inspiring Photographs of Istria

Did you know that blue has a calming and trusting effect, while green symbolizes vitality and renewal? You can find these two colours in our logotype, representing the colours that you will often see in Istria. We decided to choose for you top 5 photographs from Istria which will inspire you for your next travel to our peninsula.

limski kanal
Bay surrounded with green
On the western coast of Istria there's Lim bay, a part of Istria that once was a filming location for the movie about the Vikings (directed by Richard Fleischer).
The bay is surrounded with green woods and that's why this natural attraction always looks tranquil. One of the ways you can visit Lim bay is by kayak, so you can enjoy every part of it.

Symbol of central Istria
Boškarin is autochthonous Istrian cattle that has been raised mostly in the area of central Istria, and especially in Kanfanar.

We chose this picture because animals can have a calming effect on people, no matter if it is a pet or all domestic animals.
Isn't our boškarin photogenic?

gortanova uvala, pula
South of Istria is for beach lovers
Beside green and blue tones, on the next photograph you will also see turquoise colour, which makes this picture even more beautiful.
You can see this combination of colours in Gortanova uvala, one of the most famous beaches in Pula, at south of Istria. Our suggestion of the name of the picture is: „Sun and brightness of the Mediterranean!”

Romantic medieval top-hills
Little mediaeval top-hills towns are typical in Istrian hinterland and they guarantee beautiful panoramic views.
One of them is Motovun, around which you can see vineyards of hardworking wine-makers from Istria and that’s why this panoramic view is a perfect harmony of green and blue.

Most beautiful viewpoints in Istria
It’s time to discover Vrsar and its beautiful viewpoints!

Let this photograph remind you that from any viewpoint there’s a stunning view towards the blue sea surrounding Vrsar which makes it one of the nicest coastal little towns in Istria.