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Walking by the Sea as a Romantic Meditation

Take a leisurely stroll along extensive Istrian promenades by the sea, holding hands with your loved one. Let the rich nature and sunset inspire you to reveal romantic secrets.

novigrad lungomareRule number one in Istria is a stress-free life. This life of ease is best embodied by Lungomare - promenades by the sea along which Istrians and tourists indulge in slow strolls and enjoy long conversations.
If you visit Istria with a loved one, you will simply have to walk down one of these promenades along the Istrian coast. You will slow down your steps, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off the far sea skyline.

The world will slow down, and your conversations will become profound. This might be the moment when you reveal your most precious secret to a loved one. There, on the Istrian Lungomare, you might ask your loved one the question that will forever change your relationship.

Many Istrian towns have Lungomare, and here we will present three of them - in Poreč, Pula and Rovinj.

porec lungomare
Poreč Lungomare - stunning nature, a Roman villa and beautiful beaches
Lungomare in Poreč is a promenade connecting Poreč with the nearby town of Funtana. Head south along the shore and discover every cove and beach strung along Lungomare.

This path will also take you through the main tourist areas of the city of Poreč, Zelena and Plava laguna, where you will be captivated by beautiful beaches. You can find rest in the crystal clear sea.

You will enjoy the view of beautiful trees following you all the way to Funtana. Many Roman-era historical remains are found in this area, for example, in Zelena laguna you can discover and visit an ancient Roman villa.

For almost the entire length, Lungomare remains in the shade of pine trees, and at night, it is for the most part illuminated by street lights. You can cross the Poreč Lungomare on foot, by bicycle or roller skates.
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lungomare pulaPula Lungomare - a romantic sunset and dense pine forest 
Pula Lungomare extends along three city beaches - Valkane, Gortan Cove and Valsaline.

Take a stroll along the Lungomare and enjoy the dense pine forest on one side and rocky seashore on the other. There are free parking spaces along the promenade.

Join walkers and recreational joggers during the day, and enjoy the exciting company of the city's youth at night. This promenade is the most romantic in the evening, when it offers you enjoyment in a perfect sunset.
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rovinj lungomareRovinj Lungomare - Zlatni rt forest park
Among the most beautiful landscapes of western Istria is most assuredly the park Zlatni rt that protects Rovinj and its harbour from the south, and extends along the picturesque bays Lone and Škaraba, and Montauro and Punta Corrente capes.

Fans of activity holidays will surely not be disappointed with the Zlatni rt forest park, situated near the Rovinj city centre. The park is an ideal place for jogging, cycling and taking a walk all year round.

Strolling the centuries-old forest park is a real experience.
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If you propose to your loved one on an Istrian Lungomare, it would be best if your wedding were in Istria as well.

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