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Rakovac Polyclinic

The vision and mission of Rakovac Polyclinic is to develop a centre for the treatment of pathologies and improvement of patients’ overall health and body functions. Dr. Rakovac started a private practice at Osteon Polyclinic, opened in 2010 as a centre for the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of movement disorders by applying a multidisciplinary approach that includes orthopaedics, physical medicine, rehabilitation and manual medicine. Thanks to continuous professional development in Croatia as well as abroad, they can offer advice and a number of the latest options for conventional and surgical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

Services at Rakovac Polyclinic:

• Orthopaedics
• Physical medicine and rehabilitation
• Surgery
• Stem cells

Rakovac Polyclinic
Address: Zelena laguna 20, HR-52440 Poreč
Contact: + 385 91 913 1986,

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