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Zip-line Pazinska jama

Pazin Cave is a natural phenomenon caused by a river Pazinčica. Hole of Pazin Cave is situated below the 100 meter high cliffs while the underground part is approx. 270 meters long and ends with a lake.

If you are in Istria, and you are a fan of adrenaline, zip-line Pazin Cave is the right place for you.

Zip-line Pazin Cave consists of four lines. Visitors start their adventure from the gorge below the Hotel Lovac. The first two lines are 80 meters long. The third is 220 meters long and reaches a speed of 40 km/h, leading to the courtyard of House of writers (near the castle).
The fourth line is a longest one - 280 meters, and also fastest which maximum speed is 50 km/h. It is also the favorite one as it allows you to enjoy the view of the cave and the famous castle which is situated above it. This line ends above the Babina kuća cave, on the lookout, which is named after the famous French writer Jules Verne, which in his Mathias Sandorf novel (1885.) wrote about Pazin Cave and the Kaštel. Across the trail on the cliffs of Pazin Cave, and in less than five minutes, we return to the starting point. 

Working hours 2024:
01.01. - 30.04.: by appointment, minimum 5 persons
01.05. - 30.09.: 10:00 - 18:00
01.10. - 31.12.: by appointment, minimum 5 persons

Reservation is not obligatory, but is recommended for groups larger than 10 people.

From 30 to 50 minutes depending on the size of the group which will experience the descend.

Maximum weight of a person is 120,00 kg.
Young people under the age of 16 need need parental permission.
Children lighter than 35 kg descend in tandem with a zip-line guide.
Before the fly, the guides take over all the necessary security measures.

Included in the price:
Two guides, guide's help with a use of personal equipment (helmet, belt, pulley), a few words of welcome, technical description of the zip-line's (length, speed, height, steel wire rope, platforms), rules of conduct on the zipline-in, ride on the following four lines (80+80+220+280 m ), walking back to the starting point in duration of 5 min.

Zip-line Pazinska jama
Šime Kurelića 4 (terrace of the Hotel Lovac), HR-52000 Pazin
T: +385 91 543 7718, +385 91 168 3126
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Zip-line Pazinska jama
Zip-line Pazinska jama
Zip-line Pazinska jama
Zip-line Pazinska jama
Zip-line Pazinska jama
Zip-line Pazinska jama
Zip-line Pazinska jama
Zip-line Pazinska jama
Zip-line Pazinska jama

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