Kayaking: Istra Adventure

Location: Rakalj

01.07. - 31.09.2023: by appointment

Kayak safari (only for groups)
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Tours and points of interest:
If you like the sun and the sea and are not afraid of some physical activity, kayak safari is the best thing for you, providing you with an unforgettable tour through the Istrian landscape. Professional guides will explain how to master the rowing technique successfully and guide you to the beautiful beaches accessible only by sea. During the tour, we will take a few breaks so you can go for a swim and explore the underwater world and enjoy the crystal clear water away from crowded beaches and city noise.

The small village called Rakalj on the eastern coast of Istria is our starting place for Kayak Safari, a guided tour through some of the most beautiful bays in Istria. Our kayaking adventure starts in Old Rakalj, at cape St.Nicola, where you can see the authentic red lighthouse. After getting everyone ready for their kayaks, we'll start with our 3-4 hour-long adventure along the beautiful coastline, enjoying the view of the Adriatic sea and the surrounding nature. When we reach our destination, we'll hop off our kayaks and take a break for sunbathing and swimming in a breathtaking bay called Luka ("Harbour" is the bay's name). Getting up close and personal with the sea life while swimming and catching some sun rays is an authentic bucket-list experience. Get ready to take some beautiful photos while exploring; we'll make sure you don't miss any hidden details. After visiting a few unique bays, we'll slowly head back to our starting point.

Istra Adventure
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Kayaking: Istra Adventure
Kayaking: Istra Adventure
Kayaking: Istra Adventure
Kayaking: Istra Adventure
Kayaking: Istra Adventure

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