Sun and sea

Kamenjak: Adrenaline Fun

Take walks, ride a bicycle, kayak and surf with friends, and then relax in beach bars on the shore of the Cape Kamenjak.

porerThe southernmost cape of the Istrian peninsula is one of the last coastal oases that has kept its appearance. It is a mosaic of cultivated fields, pastures and green groves almost immersed in the sea. The nearby towns are Pula and Medulin. You can reach the rocky beaches of the Cape Kamenjak by one of Istrian cycling trails or by sea in a kayak.
Strong sea currents that collide around Kamenjak are a limiting factor for surfing, but the winds are favorable. If you love high diving, the clear sea and steep cliffs will provide you with a full day of fun. However, we must warn you to check the weather forecast before heading to Kamenjak, because the southernmost point of Istria is prone to sudden changes in the weather and, consequently shifts in wind and sea currents throughout the year.

kayak premanturaLower Kamenjak - an adrenaline oasis  
Take a walk, ride a bike, row in a kayak, surf, feel the excitement of paintball! Come with your friends and spend an unforgettable day at Kamenjak.

Get your backpack and discover the dinosaur trail, which is one of the rare sites of fossilized dinosaur footprints dating back 98 million years.

Visit the Farm of Boškarin, the indigenous Istrian longhorn cattle. Stroll along the sensory-didactic promenade Gradina at Upper Kamenjak, adjusted to the blind and visually impaired. See more than twenty types of orchids adorning Kamenjak.

Escape from civilization in the Safari bar above the Mala Kolombarica Cove. Relax and refresh yourself at one of the beach bars in the coves of Pinižula, Polje, Njive, Debeljak, Mali Portić, Školjić and Dražice.
Find your ideal rock and jump into the crystal clear sea. If you want to show everyone how much fun you are having at Kamenjak, don’t forget to bring a selfie stick and a waterproof protection for your mobile!

kamenjak rocky trailCycle, paddle, surf!
The cycling trails of Upper and Lower Kamenjak are one of the most popular in Istria. Ride on the medium-hard trail along the coast, which reveals all the beauty of grasslands, forests and the seaside.

Apart from the coast trail, you can also cycle on the main road, which will please all nature lovers who wish to explore the southernmost part of Istria on a bicycle. Every spring Kamenjak holds the international mountain biking competition Kamenjak Rocky Trail.

Have a swim at the Full Moon cycling race organized at night, during a full moon in the summer months.
Find out more about Istrian cycling events here. For more details on cycling trails in southern Istria, visit this interactive menu.

kamenjak skoljic
If you prefer sea adventures, head to the Školjić Cove, where you can rent a kayak and explore the islands of the Medulin archipelago or try the stand up paddle - paddling on a board in a standing position. Choose one of the kayak tours and routes and discover the amazing play of light in underwater caves. Find out more about kayaking in Istria.
If you like feeling the velocity of wind, join the numerous windsurfers that visit Kamenjak every year, because they know they will find a good wind there.