Galeb AC Solaris

The Galeb beach is located under the auto-camp and apartment settlement Solaris on the Lanterna peninsula, 13 km away from the city of Porec. The beach has a highly attractive location with a view of the wide open aquatorium, encompassing a mild cove barely recessed inland. The beach is rocky and paved in stone, adapted to the configuration of the terrain. A smaller area of the beach is covered in natural shingles. It extends over about 200 m in length. The enterance into the sae is adapted using stone stairs with metal hand holds. Access to the beach is secured via pathways. The auto-camp and the beach have numerous facilities, including accommodation, restaurants, sport facilities, sanitary facilities, life-saving and first-aid equipment, etc. The beach participates in local and regional actions on environmental education in cooperation with Eco-schools and tourism board, such as cleaning actions and information about protected species. The beach will display environmental information on several boards, including the one in the camp and on the beach itself.

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