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Paleo Park Mon Perin

If you are looking for a place where whole families and groups of school kids can learn and have fun at the same time, the newly built Paleo Park Mon Perin in Bale might be your perfect find.

It includes a dinosaur-themed water amusement park and an educational platform on 16.199 sqm area integrated into the authentic landscape. Here, visitors can take a walk between dinosaur replicas in different sizes, which inevitably sparks curiosity and fascination.

Bale, a small town not far from Rovinj, was put on the World List of Paleontological Sites, following the discovery of dinosaur remains in this area. Most of the remains belong to sauropods, the so called “lizard hipped”, plant-eating types of dinosaurs. Bones of Histriasaurus, world’s oldest known plant-eating dinosaur, and Brachiosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs ever to roam the Earth, were also found in the area. Remains of meat-eating dinosaur species were identified, too. Besides the educational walk, the park offers visitors a chance to relax by the 706 sqm dinosaur-shaped pool area.

It includes pools for kids and adults, and a pool with massage seats. If you are more of a jacuzzi or a sunbathing type, you can spend your day in a 20 sqm and 90 cm deep hot tub, or simply enjoy the sun in the large area by the main pool. Children will likely enjoy the sandpits with dinosaur bones. There is also a restaurant with terrace, and changing rooms.

As the Paleo Park is located within the Mon Perin campsite, accommodation is easy to arrange. The coastline of Bale is the only site in the world where fossils of extinct reptiles have been preserved under the sea. It is a true paleontological treasure, and is steadily rising to prominence.
Scientists revealed that some of the reptiles from Bale are 130 million years old. Ten dinosaur species lived in the area at the time.

Bale and its Paleo Park will take you millions of years back into the history of Earth, to the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

13.05. - 23.09.2023

Opening hours:
13.05. - 23.09.2023: 10:00 - 18:00

San Polo 3, Mon Perin, HR-52211 Bale
T: +385 52 824 338

Paleo Park Mon Perin
Paleo Park Mon Perin
Paleo Park Mon Perin
Paleo Park Mon Perin
Paleo Park Mon Perin
Paleo Park Mon Perin
Paleo Park Mon Perin
Paleo Park Mon Perin
Paleo Park Mon Perin

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