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Papago Park

Bird park & zoo

On the west coast of Istria, not far from Poreč, is a city of incredible history and culture, with an unusual story about the first bird park on the Istrian peninsula and in Croatia!

From cockatoos and budgerigars to blue Indian peafowl and golden even diamond pheasants, you can enjoy the colourfulness and opulence of colours and voices of more than 200 birds from all over the world in Papago Park located in the heart of untouched nature. Their dwellings are designed in accordance with their natural ones, offering the little birds shelter from unfavourable weather conditions, but also a safe place for nesting during the breeding season.

Visitors are playfully greeted by a Tiago ara macaw, which will be recognised by many passers-by from the Poreč waterfront, and there is also a Papago ara macaw, after which the park is named. Among the inhabitants of the happy bird oasis are some endangered species, since this park, in today's era when many animal species are dying out, is included in the protection program through the breeding of protected species by increasing their numbers. And all Papago’s birds were hatched at one of the registered breeding sites in countries that are signatories to the CITES agreement.

Eco friendly Papago park covers an area of about 30,000 square metres, built exclusively from materials that do not pollute the environment, respecting the laws on forest protection and using renewable sources for obtaining electricity.

Here you will also find an educational centre where the younger generations can learn a number of interesting facts about bird species and habitats and especially about their protection.

Relax and enjoy the company of birds, feed them and learn a lot of new, unknown facts about their world, and you can take photos with them as a souvenir. The park is accessible to everyone, and people with disabilities are guaranteed a safe and quality visit.

Working hours 2024:
01.03. - 31.03.: closed
01.04. - 30.06.: 10:00 - 17:00
01.07. - 31.08.: 10:00 - 18:00
01.09. - 15.11.: 10:00 - 17:00
16.11. - 31.12.: closed

Last entrance one hour before closure
Pets are not allowed

Adults: 10 Eur
Children up to 15 years old: 8 Eur

Papago Park
Červar bb, Poreč-Parenzo

Papago Park
Papago Park
Papago Park
Papago Park
Papago Park

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