Craft beer

Craft beer

porec craft beer
The definition of craft beer is very simple: it is a beer produced in a craft brewery, be it IPA, Lager, Pale Ale, Sour, Tripel, Stout, Porter or something else. The production of this type of beer is specific as it is produced exclusively in independent, that is, craft breweries, and different aromatic ingredients, which create and emphasize new flavours, are added to the traditional ingredients - barley malt, hops, yeast and water. It is therefore not unusual for spices, chocolate, coffee and even truffles to be added to craft beer!

Zminj craft beer
The Istrian beer scene appeared almost shyly, but its successful development can be seen from the growing number of successful small and independent breweries that will surely surprise and delight you with their products. New events dedicated to these are interestingly designed and happily visited, so you can explore the ever-widening range of Istrian offers in one place.

Be sure to visit one of the craft breweries or local events where their products are on display and enjoy beer the Istrian way!


kampanjola craf beerIstrian craft breweries

Bruman Craft Brewery
Sveti Ivan 5, Buzet
+385 91 528 3028,

Bujska pivovara • San Servolo Beer
Gospodarska ulica 9, Buje-Buie
+385 91 128 5766,

Bura Brew • Istrian craft brewery
Ul. Mate Vlašića 26/19, Poreč-Parenzo
+385 91 601 4006,

Castellana Craft Beer
Kastelir 71, Kaštelir-Castellier
+385 98 998 1742,

Fabrika bire
Trgovačka 46, Vodnjan-Dignano
+385 98 549 178,

Svetvinčenat 3, Svetvinčenat
+385 98 934 8231,

Meles factory • Labona
Štrmac 1, Labin
+385 99 496 5785,

Pula na biri • PUBEER
Peroj (Galižana)
+385 97 709 7787,

Vergal Brewery
Frančeskija 52I, Savudrija-Salvore
+385 99 530 9374,