Olive oil producers

Cattunar fam.


Quality: Excellent

Appearing in the guide for the first time, Cattunar is located in the renowned Nova Vas and Brazzania winemaking region. Franco Cattunar produces wine with the help of his family, and has recently begun producing extra virgin olive oil. Specialized olive groves are comprised of 500 trees on over one and a half hectares, including Istarska Bjelica, Leccino and Pendolino. This harvest produced six tonnes of olives yielding 1.000 litres of extra virgin olive oil. Presented here is Franco Cattunar da Agricoltura Biologica, an extra virgin olive oil with beautiful, intensely golden colour and clarity. On the nose it is pronounced and clear, rich in elegant aromas of artichoke, wild thistle, celery and wild chicory. In the mouth, it is full and fine, characterized by notes of green tomato with intense almond on the finish. Powerful and well-balanced in its bitterness and sharpness, it pairs beautifully with lentil or bean appetizers, fresh vegetable salads, marinated swordfish, bean soups, mussels, braised rockfish and roasted meats.


  • Nova Vas 94, Brtonigla-Verteneglio