Olive oil producers

Al Torcio



This beautiful farm in Novigrad is one of the most interesting oil producers in Croatia. Tranquilino founded it over twenty years ago and, since he passed away, it has been run by his children. The Beletić family also owns a comfortable restaurant near the port of Novigrad and manages a 5-hectare specialized olive grove with 1,700 trees and a modern extraction system. In the last harvest 148 quintals of olives and about 16 hectolitres of oil were produced.  

The Flos Olei guide recommends the very good Monocultivar Extra Virgin Al Torcio - Istarska Bjelica, which is a beautiful intense limpid golden yellow colour with delicate green hues. Its aroma is fine and rotund, with ample fragrant hints of rosemary and mint, enriched with vegetal notes of artichoke, chicory and lettuce. Its taste is complex and harmonic, with a spicy flavour of black pepper and an almond finish. Bitterness is definite and pungency is distinct.


Number of trees: 1900

Flos olei points: 95



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