Olive oil producers

Casa Maršić



Not far from the picturesque town of Oprtalj, the descendants of the family Maršić have decided to upgrade their activity, treating the old olive groves and planting new ones on the typical Istrian terraces. Today the farm is run by Marija Ipša, who has 3 hectares of specialized olive surface with 700 trees. In the last harvest 20 quintals of olives were produced, equal to 3 hectolitres of oil. The Extra Virgin proposed by the farm is the excellent Casa Maršić, which is a beautiful intense limpid golden yellow colour with delicate green hues. Its aroma is complex and definite, characterized by distinct fragrant hints of mint, sage and rosemary, enriched by a note of chamomile, almond and black pepper. Its taste is rotund and distinctly vegetal, with hints of artichoke and thistle, chicory and lettuce. Bitterness is distinct and pungency is present. It would be ideal on bruschette with tomatoes, grilled porcini mushrooms, marinated swordfish, grilled radicchio, bean soups, pasta with sausages, boiled octopus, barbecued red meat or game, hard mature cheese.

Number of trees: 800

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