Olive oil producers




"The operation Delton was established over 100 years ago in Vodnjan, a town near Pula, with a long tradition in the production of olive oil. It gained its first appearance in the guide thanks to a really excellent extra virgin olive oil. The owner, Sergio Delton, today cultivates a small surface of one and half hectares of olive groves with 312 trees exclusively of autochthon buža variety. In the last yearÂ’s harvest those gave 4,2 tonnes of olives that yielded around 650 litres of extra virgin olive oil. The only selection of the property, the clear extra virgin olive oil San Biagio, of intense golden yellow colour with green reflexes. It has a resolute and round aroma, characterized by balanced vegetal tones of wild thistle, artichoke and chicory, including notes of mint and rosemary. On the palate it is powerful and enveloping, characterized by spice tones of vanilla and black pepper, and highlighted tones of almond on the finish. Bitterness and sharpness are featured and harmonic. This oil matches perfectly with marinated sea bass, chicken salads, with vegetable hors dÂ’oeuvres, bruschette, chanterelle mushroom soups, main courses with mussels, with baked fish and white braised meats."

Number of trees: 530


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