Olive oil producers

Grgorinić OPG


Quality: Very good

Another good result for the farm Grgorinić, founded in 2005 in the district of Paganor, near the charming port of Fasana, a few kilometres from the town of Pula. The family Grgorinić owns little more than 1 hectare of specialized olive grove with 360 trees of local and imported varieties. In the last harvest 14 quintals of olives were produced, with a yield of over 2 hectolitres of oil. We recommend the excellent Extra Virgin Paganor - Frantoio, which is a beautiful intense limpid golden yellow colour with slight green hues. Its aroma is ample and rotund, rich in vegetal hints of freshly mown grass, artichoke and chicory, together with intense aromatic notes of mint and rosemary. Its taste is elegant and complex, with a flavour of lettuce, cinnamon and a definite almond finish. Bitterness and pungency are distinct and harmonic. It would be ideal on farro appetizers, steamed beans, tomato salads, baked potatoes, ovoli mushroom soups, risotto with artichokes, barbecued fish, amberjack tartare, baked poultry or lamb, mozzarella cheese.


  • G. Martinuzzi 12, Pula-Pola