Olive oil producers

Dražen Černeka



Another convincing performance for Sergio Černeka, who founded the farm Torkop in Sovinjak, a village in the Istrian inland situated on the calcareous and woody sides of the hill of Sovignacco. Here he currently runs a 4-hectare specialized olive grove with 1,000 trees. In the last oil harvest 72 quintals of olives were produced, equal to a yield of 6 hectolitres of extra virgin olive oil. We recommend the Monovarietal Extra Virgin selection Černeka - Istarska Bjelica from Organic Farming, which is an intense limpid golden yellow colour. Its aroma is definite and rotund, rich in fragrant notes of rosemary and mint, together with distinct hints of wild thistle and artichoke. Its taste is complex and strong, characterized by a vegetal flavour of chicory, lettuce, a spicy note of black pepper and a distinct almond finish. Bitterness is powerful and pungency is distinct. It would be ideal on lentil appetizers, roast porcini mushrooms, marinated bluefish, pan-seared radicchio, minestrone with vegetables, pasta with meat sauce, boiled octopus, grilled game birds or animals, hard mature cheese.

Number of trees: 1200



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