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Quality: Good

URSARIA is a family company from Vrsar (Istria-Croatia) specialised primarily in the production of olive oil and olive products. "Ursaria Oil" is also the main production brand of our company, which is rich in olive oil, known as an exceptional quality oil, produced in an organic way, which we also confirm with organic certificate.

The olive crops are located on the edge of the nature park "Limski kanal". The total area of olive crops is 21 hectar, and there are 5,000 trees of which are represented by varieties: Istrian bjelica, Buža, Rosignola, Leccino, Pendolino, Picholine, Oblica. Over 50% of planted olive trees are indigenous (domestic) varieties, including the dominant Istrian Bjelica.

High standards of production according to the strict rules of organic agriculture, manual harvesting and proper storage makes all our olive oils high quality, which endures numerous awards. Organic olive oil Ursaria is produced especially by monovariety with one blend called "Ulje Ursaria" (Oil Ursaria).

"OLEUM OLIVARUM MEDICUM EST" - Olive oil is a cure


  • Stancija Crljenka 12, Vrsar-Orsera