Enjoy Truffle Dishes in Istria

Those who visited Istria or explored our gastronomic offer have probably heard of the truffle also known as the gourmand jewel found in Istrian forests.

1551361481_8871We are taking you on a culinary journey of ingredients best paired with truffles. Did you know truffle is actually a type of mushroom, i.e. tuber? You’ll find out more if you keep reading.

1. The eternal classic: Truffle pasta
Pasta, especially home-made fuži, gnocchi or pljukanci paired with truffles is the most common dish you can try in restaurants all over Istria. We recommend white wine (malvasia) with it.
Believe us; this dish will fulfill all your gourmand dreams!

2. Truffle cheese
Truffle cheese is becoming a renowned ingredient as well as a type of souvenir you’ll gladly take home from your visit to Istria.
Cheese’s salinity and the truffle’s particular taste will ensure a rhapsody of flavors you’ll long remember. Truffle cheese is an unavoidable delicacy you have to try during your stay in Istria - be it as an appetizer or a side dish.

3. Truffle oil

You probably did not expect the synergy between truffle and oil. But we can assure you these two ingredients, as integral components of top Istrian gastronomic stories, make the experience of Istria stronger and more pronounced. With truffle oil you’ll get the best of Istria in one bottle.

4. Truffle honey
Did you know there are two types of truffle – white and black? The more esteemed one is the white truffle. We’ll also reveal that the truffle is paired with honey making it both sweet and rich in aromas. Try it with meat dishes or in deserts. It can’t get better than this.

5. Truffle ice-cream as the cherry on top

Just when you thought truffle is reserved for appetizers and main dishes, we’ve decided to surprise you with your new favorite ice-cream flavor - with truffles. Although it sounds incompatible, truffle ice-cream has come to the throne of ice-cream delicacies nobody can resist.

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