Wine makers

Ivančić Moreno


The Ivančić family winery can be found in Novigrad, not far from the centre of this charming town. It is a family that has always produced wine, although new life and passion were interwoven into the valuable heritage by son Moreno, who didn’t hide his love for wine production.  

Generations change, and the passion and love for wine as well as its quality only grow more from year to year. Highlighting and valorising the characteristics of a territory in wine is this hardworking family’s main task, who under the motto "Tradition in a modern way" present their guests with a true experience of the region.  

A limited series of top-quality wine bottles, a unique dedication to each bottle, a personalized approach to visitors and wine enthusiasts together with hospitality in a dedicated tasting room decorated in traditional Istrian style, make this boutique winery an unavoidable stage when visiting Novigrad.


GOLD MEDALS VINISTRA - CRO Malvazija istarska 2021. Malvazija istarska 2018. Malvazija Selekcija 2018. Malvazija istarska 2016. Malvazija Julian Franc 2014. Cuvée Rosso 2019. Cuvée Rosso 2015. Cuvée Rosso 2010. Cabernet Sauvignon Vigna nera 2016. Cabernet Sauvignon Vigna nera 2015. Cabernet Sauvignon Vigna nera 2011. Cabernet Sauvignon Vigna nera 2010. Cabernet Sauvignon Vigna nera 2009. Teran Vigna nera 2015. Piacere Rose´ 2015 XVII. Csurgói Wine Competition - HUN Cabernet Sauvignon Vigna nera 2009.