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The Coronica winery is one of the leaders of the new Istrian wave of winemaking that began at the end of the last century. Along with his late father Ottaviano, Moreno grew up in the family winery and vineyards planted on deep Istrian red soil, in the north-western part of the peninsula in the village of Koreniki. Initially a modest family winery, it has developed into a recognizable brand whose wines are appreciated throughout Croatia and the region. The focus of the Coronica winery has always been on autochthonous Istrian grape varieties - Istrian malvasia and teran, but as well as these, the family also nurtures two of the world's most widespread red grape varieties - merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Fresh Istrian malvasia has always been the most important Coronica wine and stylistically always the same, while the expression of Gran teran and Gran malvasia has changed over time. Grabar, a Bordeaux-style cuvée, is produced from international grape varieties, and the winery’s newest label is the sparkling CO Due wine, obtained by the classic method from Istrian malvasia.


  • CO Due (pjenušac) 0,75 l
  • Malvazija 0,75 l
  • Gran Malvazija 0,75 l
  • Ottaviano 0,75 l (sorta: Malvazija istarska)
  • Grabar 0,75l (sorte: Cabernet sauvignon i Merlot)
  • Gran Teran 0,75 l

Mini boutique: Yes

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International Wine Challenge 2020: Coronica Grabar,2016 [Bronze] Coronica Gran Malvazija,2017 [Bronze] Coronica Gran Teran,2016 [Bronze]

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