Wine makers



The land has always been the breadwinner of this family in which vines have played a major role, since life without a sip of good wine after hard work was unimaginable in these parts.  

It is widely known that the best results in the world of wine are reached with the perfect blend of profession and tradition. The Cossetto couple set out exactly on this path: combining their undoubted expertise with the tradition of viticulture and, with the help of the family as a whole, began to produce excellent wines of Istrian varieties. Already in the short time since their being launched under their own label, the Cossetto family’s wines have presented themselves successfully to wine enthusiasts, winning their first medals.  

The basic guideline of this family farm where three generations work in harmony is the production of wine based on the autochthonous Istrian varieties malvasia, teran and borgonja, but also world-famous varieties that complement the range such as chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and white muscat.

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