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The family boutique winery, Damjanić, in the village of Fuškulin, between Vrsar and Poreč, was started in 2000 by the then young winemaker Ivan Damjanić. His wine story is a continuation of the rich tradition of the Jurković family, which dates back to the 18th century. However, after the Second World War, this tradition was unfortunately interrupted. The Damjanić winery began its journey as a garage winery, and today is located in one of the most modern wine cellars in Istria. The wines are divided into two lines, Classic and Premium, and every year a new surprise is launched onto the market. The mainstay of the winery has always been Istrian malvasia, present in several different versions: from sparkling wine, young malvasia and sweet malvasia to those aged in oak or acacia and the white coupage Clemente blanc. Among the red varieties, the elegant gamay stands out through its own label and in coupage with teran as Duro istriano. The highlight of the winery is Clemente red, a Bordeaux coupage with a small addition of teran and gamay.


International Wine Challenge 2020: Damjanić Akacija, 2016 [Bronze] Damjanić Clemente Blanc,2017 [Bronze] Damjanić Clemente Noir, 2015 [Bronze] Damjanić Clemente Noir, 2016 [Bronze] Decanter World Wine Awards 2020: Damjanić Duro istriano 2016 [Silver/90] Damjanić Akacija 2016 [Bronze/88] Damjanić Malvazija istarska 2018 [Bronze/88]

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