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The Kozlović winery has been producing wine continuously in the same location since 1904. That year, Antonio Kozlović bought a house and a hectare of vineyard in the Vale valley at the foot of Momjan. Since then the property has been passed down from generation to generation, and a significant step forward was made in the early 1990s when young Gianfranco took over the business from his father Armando. It was then that the new Istrian wine scene was launched, in which the Kozlović winery was one of the leaders. Step by step over the years, the Kozlović winery has grown, and today it has one of the most modern wine cellars in the region with more than 30 hectares of its own plantations in the Vale locations and the most significant Istrian grand cru location, Santa Lucia near Buje. In recent years, together with her parents Gianfranco and Antonela, daughter Gianna, a young oenologist educated at prestigious wine schools, has been involved in the business. From the beginning, the Kozlović winery has been synonymous with fresh Istrian malvasia and Momjan muscat. Today, through four lines of wine, they provide the market with a great spectrum of Istrian malvasia and teran, from fresh to aged, and an excellent single vineyard Bordeaux coupage Santa Lucia noir.


  • Valle 0,75 l
  • Violetta 0,75 l
  • Muškat Momjan dry 0,75 - exclusively in the winery
  • Svinjon 0,75 l - exclusively in the winery
  • Malvazija 0,75 l / 1,5 l / 3 l
  • Selekcija Malvazija 0,75 l
  • JRE Malvazija 0,75 l - exclusively in the winery
  • Teran 0,75 l
  • Muškat Momjan semi sweet 0,5 l
  • Santa Lucia Malvazija
  • Santa Lucia Malvazija Po mojen
  • Santa Lucia Noir
  • Santa Lucia Akacia
  • Santa Lucia Teran
  • Mediteran, 0.5 l - exclusively in the winery
  • Sorbus 0,375

Mini boutique: Yes

Other products:

Extra virgin olive oil 0,5 l i 0,375 l Lacrime, Muškat brandy 0,5l


IWC 2020: [Silver] Santa Lucia Malvazija 2016, Malvazija Selekcija 2017, Malvazija 2018 Decanter World Wine Awards 2020: Kozlović Selekcija Malvazija 2017 [Platinum] Kozlović Santa Lucia 2016 [91] Kozlović Santa Lucia Cuvee Noir 2015 [88] Kozlović Malvazija 2018 [87] Wine Expo Poland 2019: [Gold] Santa Lucia Noir 2015, Teran 2018 [Bronze] Santa Lucia Malvazija 2016, Malvazija 2018

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