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Matošević vina


Rating: Exquisite

Ivica Matošević, currently one of the most appreciated winemakers of Croatia, began to engage in winemaking in the middle nineties as a hobby and inspired by great enthusiasm; although lacking family background, within short he was able to achieve great results by opening an attractive wine tasting room over his cellar in the village of Krunčići. Even though his Chardonnay "Millenium Anima" won a silver medal at the competition "Chardonnay du Monde" held in France in 2002, his greatest desire was to produce the "best Malvasia" of his native village. At any rate, his malvasia was once proclaimed the best white wine of Croatia, more precisely, in 1999, only two years after he produced his first wine!


  • Krunčići 2, Sv. Lovreč


  • Alba/malvazija istarska, 0,75 l

  • Alba Barrique/malvazija istarska, 0,75 l

  • Alba Robinia barrique/malvazija istarska, 0,75 l

  • Alba Antiqua/malvazija istarska, 0,75 l/1,5 l

  • Aura/chardonnay, 0,75 l

  • Anima Barrique/chardonnay, 0,75 l

  • Mora/merlot, 0,75 l

  • Ombra/teran, 0,75 l

  • Grimalda white/cuvee: chardonnay, malvazija istarska, sauvignon blanc, 0,75 l

  • Grimalda red/cuvee: merlot, teran, 0,75 l

White vs. Red wine: 80% : 20%

Vineyard area: 10 ha

Mini boutique: Yes


Decanter World Wine Awards 2020:
Matošević Grimalda 2018 [Silver/92]
Matošević Aura 2019 [Silver/91]
Matošević Grimalda Sauvignon blanc 2018 [Silver/91]

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