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Central Istria

As the first Istrian urban winemaker, Ivica Matošević is one of the vanguards of the Croatian wine scene. He fell in love with wine as a young student, during his studies in Italy. This encouraged him to start his own garage winery in the mid-1990s at his ancestral home, in the village of Krunčići between the Lim Channel and Sveti Lovreč. Since he did not have his own vineyard, he bought grapes from the best locations in Istria and slowly built his own brand. It all started when his Anima barrique chardonnay from the 1998 vintage became the best white wine in Croatia, and the rest is history. From the beginning, the wines bore the names of fictional characters: Alba, Anima, Aura, Mora and Mladuh, which have remained to this day. The Matošević winery made a breakthrough in 2004 when it planted new vineyards in the microlocation of Grimalda in central Istria, on beautiful terraces of white soil. Grapes for premium labels are obtained from the advantageous position of this gran cru including Cuvée Grimalda white and Cuvée Grimalda red, and in particularly good vintages, Grimalda green and Grimalda blue are also released to the market.


  • Alba/malvazija istarska, 0,75 l
  • Alba Riserva/malvazija istarska, 0,75 l
  • Alba Robinia barrique/malvazija istarska, 0,75 l
  • Alba Antiqua/malvazija istarska, 0,75 l/1,5 l
  • Aura/cuvee: chardonnay, malvazija istarska, sauvignon blanc, 0,75 l
  • Neo/ sauvignon blanc, 0,75l
  • Mora/merlot, 0,75 l
  • Ombra/teran, 0,75 l
  • Grimalda bijelo/cuvee: chardonnay, malvazija istarska, sauvignon blanc, 0,75 l
  • Grimalda crno/cuvee: merlot, teran, cabernet sauvignon 0,75 l
  • Grimalda zeleno/ sauvignon blanc, 0,75 l
  • Grimalda plavo/ cuvee: merlot, teran 0,75 l
  • Ironwitch/ likersko vino 0,5 l
  • XO/ komovica 0,5 l

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